I'm not happy with LCSC parts supplier integration


Concerting this new announcement, I would like to mention that I not happy about the new integration with LCSC. I’ve been using Aisler precisely because it’s a PCB service that’s outside of China, but now that you’ve made this integration with a big Chinese components supplier, I see this as a downgrade to the services you’re providing. This seems counterproductive to me.

I hope it’s okay the give me opinion here, as a customer of Aisler. Thank you and have a good day.

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Hi Martin,

It is perfectly fine to give your feedback, and even encouraged!

We added the direct LCSC integration as it was requested by many customers because their designs utilize components only available from that distributor. In the past, customers couldn’t use our self-checkout and had to contact us when they wanted to use components from LCSC, this resulted in extra work for us and the customer.

Our goal is to make ordering as simple as possible for all our customers, that also means the integration of US and Chinese distributors. This, however, doesn’t change our stands on the importance of local European sourcing/manufacturing. In fact, it highlights the issues we face, there are only a handful of European component manufacturers left, who do not cover all the needs of today’s designers.

But wherever possible, we want to provide a local option, an example of this is the integration with Würth Elektronik, and we are actively reaching out to other European manufacturers as well.


Hi I’m not happy because it Capps saying it can’t read my Circuit but it’s clear to see

What do you mean? Do you encounter import problems?