[ IMPLEMENTED ] Removal or protrusions on PCB outline

All the PCBs I get from Aisler have unfinished routing protrusions around the board outline. This is a real pain for PCBs that need to fit into card guides. Every other PCB manufacturer I have used supplies the boards properly finished with a smooth edged board outline. I would like to request Aisler do the same.




Hi @ruffrecords welcome to the community.

First of all thank you for your contribution.

Due to technical reasons we have to leave the mouse bites on, however, there is a technical solution that would help in your case. Would adding documentation for that case help?

Yes, please document the solution. :slight_smile:

I find it slightly deceptive that the PCB preview suggests that there is a clean milling path on the outside without mouse bites. Your competitors seem to have no issues with them. :wink:

Hi Felix,

Yes, please document your solution. Any solution is better than none!! Can you copy solution to my email too?



Hi Ian (@ruffrecords) ,

Iā€™m sorry you had to wait so long to hear back.

As Felix has already said, we cannot avoid setting bridges for technical reasons. But it is possible to define your own bridge positions. This can be interesting if a board needs to be placed in an enclosure or if a higher quality is needed on some edges. Maybe this could solve your problem?

You can find out how to define your own bridges in your projects here.