Improvement for SmartQuote

Oh yeah, it’s finally here :heart:

Here are my findings for improvement:
-Adding more than one item (add PCB and stellar in one step)
-Option to change count of PCB in list
-Select PCB by repo - I have one repository for item sort - I’m more likely to order products from single repository - the list of all PCBs is very unclear!
-It would be better to use a sorted multi-level list to display the order summary. You get lost in it right away.

Welcome @Bikeprincess to our community! Thank you very much for your feedback. I moved your post here so others can see and comment as well.

I understand that with a lot of projects the drop-down can become messy. Would a grouping/sorting here help you? Could you tell a bit what you mean with sorted multi-level list for the order summary?

I think, that sorting will be better. I attach a photo of my idea. The sorting by name is the next step, because the items in the list have some random organization in my view.

With multi-level list I mean, that the item in queue will be sorted by project and project show sorted (pre-defined place) the queued items in another level. Now it’s show the items with same weight (all items are showed as same). After this improvement, I can check the queue by project name and all services required (something like project card).

Thanks for the elaboration, I will add the improvement to our development pipeline!

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i have some additional feedback for the smartquote process:

  • EAGLE board files with layers 1, 2, 3, 16 populated get recognized as 2 layer board instead of 4. This is not detected until start of manufacturing (moving the layers to 1, 2, 15, 16 will fix this, but is time consuming)
    Find Parts:
  • It is not transparent at what time the assigned components got “booked” for the order (example: component shown in stock at time of assignment, a day later the warning “consider reassignment due to out of stock” pops up, although the remaining parts were already saved for this order and no reassignment was necessary)
  • multiple selection at part assignment by drag or shift would be helpful

Hi @matti-moeller-cortec, welcome to our community!

We source the parts when you place an order. When you create a quotation via Smart Quote, we wait until it is accepted. So with the current souring problems, it might be the case that you need to reassign components after a while. However, we will get in touch with you when this happens.

Regarding EAGLE: To avoid waiting until manufacturing, you can have a quick-check for this by looking on the project overview in the summary. You see there the amount of layers detected. Furthermore, you should always inspect the design in our Board Viewer for our rendering guarantee.

Based on your feedback we improved our Smart Quote interface, let me know what you think about the changes!

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Looks nice to me. :+1:

Maybe button / field for customer supplied parts would be nice. I can understand you want to keep this as simple as possible and user submitted parts should not be the norm.

e.g.: My project is fully available for Amazing Assembly - only missing one part, the microcontroller which I have bought in advance.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit ungenutzte Angebote von der Angebotsübersicht wieder zu löschen?

Hi @DirkJ, you are asking whether it possible to delete an unused quotation. This is currently not possible. Unused quotation will expire when not accepted within the validity period. Is there a specific reason why you want to delete them?