Introducing Budget 💰: The most economic manufacturing choice on the planet

Simplicity, Affordability, and Speed: that’s what AISLER has always pursued to make electronic manufacturing truly accessible to humans. Starting today we are doubling-down on affordability and simplicity while leaving you a new choice for speed. We are proud to announce that we are adding a completely new product category that gives you more bang-for-the buck in exchange for a little less speed. We call it Budget :moneybag: manufacturing. A still fast enough eight business day manufacturing, with a very economic price point. Starting as low as 6.00 Euro. Including free shipping, as always.

Let’s run the numbers: how much is it? Let’s assume we have board 10mm by 15mm and you want to have 12 copies. That’s 6.00 Euro + 12 x (2.00cm x 3.0cm x 0.042 Euro/cm^2) = 9.02 Euro (excl. applicable VAT) And that is for 12 PCBs, manufactured and dispatched locally within eight business days. Oh yeah, that’s what Budget :moneybag:looks like.

Same specs, better price tag: Budget​:moneybag: manufacturing has the same technical specs as our Blitz​:zap: manufacturing. It is produced locally near you with the same manufacturing parameters to ensure the same manufacturing quality you know from all of our Beautiful Boards. However, it is significantly more economic as it will cost a fraction of the current Blitz​:zap:manufacturing price. How do we do that? Well, Budget :moneybag: manufacturing will come with a slower lead time allowing us to pool more orders and hence save costs. We will pass these cost savings on to you and hence you can prototype twice as much as you previously did for the same amount of money.

Wait, we said we deeply cared for speed; wouldn’t this be a step backwards? As we stated above affordable speed is one of the components, we believe makes electronics manufacturing accessible to humans. However, sometimes it is just not needed, and if you then have to pay extra to get something you don’t need, it’s wasted money. In that sense, we believe you should be in the driver seat and decide. It’s a matter of your choice: with the Budget :moneybag:option you’ll get eight business day manufacturing at a fraction of the cost, or you can decide to keep using Blitz :zap:manufacturing and you opt for the swift speed at the regular price tag. It’s up to you!

We look forward to seeing your design get better with these additional choices! Test it and let us know what you think on the socials or wherever we chat!


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