Introducing MOUSER as supported distributor for Precious Parts

AISLER Precious Parts is receiving a signifant upgrade today. With MOUSER we have added another distributor to the mix, enlarging the amount of parts that you can select from significantly. In line with that we will be adding more distributors in the future.

Understanding the problem of component part procurement

Before Precious Parts existed, every developer had to work through several web-shops to obtain parts and the PCBs separately. At AISLER however we wanted to make things easier for everyone and allow the project to be validated not only electrically (using our Smart Tests) but also whether the part choices made were actually correct.

Until now we only supported Digikey. Reality is, however, that some parts just cannot be procured from them and this hence limits the choices in the development process. To validate a project this often means that parts need to be purchased from multiple distributors. As this requires an additional purchase order for each distributor this creates unnecessary overhead. Add to this that additional shipping charges apply because the shopping list does not reach the required minimum order value. This results in customer’s pooling pooling projects which then later need to be sorted to the correct project. When everybody does that, the total time spent on sorting work takes out a big chunk that is not in any way connected into validating the prototypes. Doing this centrally can thus make the whole development process more efficient.

AISLER Precious Parts: Your source for all parts

Just like PCBs and Stencils, AISLER pools part orders, so that many customers can share the shipping and handling costs. We’ve been doing this for the past two years and now feel confident we can extend our services with additional supported distributors. Our goal is to make the validation of an electronics project as easy as pie, and we don’t think that developers should be limited by the availability of parts of one distributor. Hence, we have remodeled Precious Parts to allow multiple distritbutors and MOUSER is the first addition. We will likely add further distributors. We would be happy to hear, which additional distributors you’d like to see added to the list.