๐ŸŽ‰ Introducing ODB++ support

Proudly introducing ODB++ support

tldr; In the past weeks our software engineers have worked tirelessly and thanks to their hard work we can now proudly announce that we support ODB++ files. This means that in most of the cases you can go from upload to assembly order in less than two minutes.


Why is ODB++ so much better than Gerber?
Know PDFs? This is basically what Gerber is for PCB manufacturing. It only specifies how the PCB should be manufactured, it does not convery any information about nets, Mounting Type and Bill of Material. Thus neither assembly nor AISLERโ€™s Smart Tests are possible with traditional Gerber. In theory that extra information could be added but it is tedious and prone to error. Thatโ€™s why we decided to support the native formats of many design tools.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add native support for all the tools our customers use, as a result some tools were less supported than others. This is where ODB++ comes to the rescue. Not only do we now support more PCB Design tools natively but we can also greatly improve support for our existing PCB Design tool portfolio. Thanks to ODB++, DesignSpark, CircuitStudio get upgraded to have built-in assembly support and Autodesk Fusion360 is now simple as pie to import.

So in a nutshell we :heart: ODB++ because :

  1. When an application supports ODB++ (and thatโ€™s a long list), an AISLER import is now easy as pie.
  2. All applications that support ODB++ now have AISLER Smart Test support out-of-the-box
  3. Even people without PCB Design knowledge can order within minutes as ODB++ does not have any data ambiguities
  4. ODB++ allows you to go from upload to assembly order in less than two minutes.

Our core ideals are simplicity and making hardware less hard. By lowering the barrier to get you a properly made PCB and have assembly ordered within minutes, we believe this can make electronic design so much better, as you can focus on whatโ€™s important: Bringing your product forward!

If you are curious, we provide extensive documentation on how-to export ODB++ in our community. More guides will be released soon.

Thanks for being our customer. You are the reason, why we strive to make hardware less hard everyday!

And with that,