Is it possible to V-Cut (ritzen) a board?


I need a V-Cut on my PCB to break away a part I need only for testing. Is this possible with the 2-layer PCB?

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We don’t offer V-Scoring in the prototype pool, due to the variety of boards, which makes the manufacturing of the V-Scores difficult. I assume you require some test signals for testing? Then the traces would be cut anyway. What about a solution, as in the image`, the two halves are connected via small bridges? You could run the signals across it and easily break away the other half, after testing. Note that thicker traces need a neck down (making the trace traces thinner at one point) so they are still easy to break.

Hi, thanks, this should work. What milling size can I use without additional costs? 2mm?

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1.8mm and 2.4mm are our preferred tool diameters.
For more information, you can refer to this article: Plated and Non-Plated Slots

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