KiCAD 4 layer pcb - inner two power layer with are short circuited

I have ordered KiCAD 4 Layer PCB, but the inner two power layer
have a short circuited.
In my PCB Layout is this not !
With a identical Gerber File produced a PCB at another Manufacturer -
no short in the inner two Layer.
Maybe is the KiCAD direct Import wrong ?
Are you aware of these problems ?
My PCB,s are scrap - :frowning:

Hi :wave: ,

I assume you are referring to your latest order? I took a look at the KiCad source file and noticed that there is no clearance between the plated trough mounting pins of the USB connector and copper planes. This is likely the cause of the shorted layers. Rebuilding the copper planes resolves this issue.

Our KiCad import did, however, seem to had an issue with your board, as there was no netlist created, which would have caught the error during e-testing. I will forward the issue to our CAD engineer tomorrow.

If the issue has been found, we will offer a free remanufacturing of your boards :slight_smile:

thanks for the Answer.
The mountig hole sind free and not connected to the Innerlayer .
A another manufacturer produced with this identical design a fully working pcb.
I not understandig this problem with my KiCad File.

i have already another pcb,s - thanks for you offer.

This is how it looks in the KiCad file, we have on our server.


In my KiCAD File, in my Screenshot is this not so - i have no Idee.
And why another PCB,s is working from a another Manufactur - with only
a Gerber File ?
I have the File out my “Sandbox” ( Referenz 2024-21583) - i have this not changed.
For me is not understandable …
Gerber File Preview with you Website :


Is you KiCAD Import not correct ?
it doesn’t matter now - i have my PCB.
Thank,s for you Support.

The screenshot I showed is from that original KiCad file from that order. Our production data is 1:1 as in the KiCad file we were provided. So the copper planes must have been locally updated on your machine after placing the order.

It is either that the issue is not present in the Gerber file you provided the other manufacturer or that they might have adjusted the Gerber file, which is something we don’t do.

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