KiCad Push for KiCad 7

Hi Aisler,
I used the KiCad 7 testing version a lot and converted all the projects but the Push Plugin only loads the start page. Before with KiCad 6 it was perfect. Do you need to implement the new version?
With the manually uploaded I get the message " Import failed, please contact our support".

We are aware of it and working on it.

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Hi can you try again? It should work now.

Hi Thore,

yes partly. A new project could be uploaded, an old project could be uploaded but I also have an old one that was converted to 7.0 which can’t be uploaded and there is no error message whatsoever.

I just tried it with a file I imported from Kicad 6, it worked for me. Are you able to share a log or the Kicad files?

Thore suggested to remove the Aisler project id and it worked! Thanks again.