LEDBoard 4x4 16bit

PCB Design:

full source and story:


Why I started with this project?

Original i had a good deal on 600 Nichia SMD LEDs -
this led type is normally used in big outdoor screens…
very bright for the size and very good color and binning…

Which PCB Design Tool I use and why?

  • Kicad
  • its the only option i like to use :wink:

What’s my greatest fail with the project?

  • killed ~5 boards → they are missing a polarity protection!

What’s my greatest win in the project?

  • find new communities with reflow ovens :wink:
  • make friends in this communities :wink:
  • learning in all areas :wink:

hm… currently iam only allowed to do one image per post…

aisler pcbs:

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in the mean time i have designed some more LEDBoards.
all pcbs order at aisler :wink:
you can find a overview at

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