Manufacturing possibility for USB-C Connector

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on an project with an USB Type-C Connector: (
I got the footprint for the connector and integrated it in my design. Problem is, that my design rules throwing errors, because of the annual ring size of each pin. Its 0.125mm instead of 0.2mm. My Question is now, what can I do, to use this connector. I cant make the annual ring bigger, because the space between each hole would be too small. What will happen, if I order the pcb with this design?
Thanks a lot.

We would choose the next largest drill bit, this would be 0.4 mm if you selected the complex and 0.45 mm with the simple design rating. We specify 200 µm annular rings in the Design Rules to allow for drill size compensation. If you select the complex pool, we would be able to fabricate the boards because we do not compensate the drill in that particular case.

I however, highly recommend the usage of an SMT USB-C connector which provides benefits over a THT based USB-C connector.

  • They are easier to source.
  • Offer a lower price.
  • Easier to solder
  • Can be fabricated with the simple design rule rating