MFAS Micro Flight Air Sense Devboard

1. Overview
This dev board PCB can be used for flight data gathering for model ore vehicle :airplane: :helicopter:.
I use this board to log the sensor data on the µSD-card with the ULOG format to get flight data from the vehicle.
I use the CAN-Bus for real life data, troubleshooting and test drives on an driven car where i mount the Pitot-tube and the PCB for callibration.

The shape and Layer stack up was chosen for easy troubleshooting and cheap manufracturing.
In future i want to minimice the size of the PCB for the end-product for modell aircrafts and vehicles.

2. Features

  • Three supply sources
  • 9 to 36VDC with galvanic isolation to internal circuits, with reverse voltage protection
  • over Micro USB B
  • over LiPo 1s with onboard charger and over discharge protection
  • Galvanic isolated CAN-Bus
  • Data storage on Micro SD
  • USB
  • On Board 1Gbit Flash
  • Three axis Gyro
  • Barometer with temperature sensor for altitude calculation
  • Three axis Magnetometer (not tested yet)
  • Differential Pressure sensor -2kPa to 2kPa for Airspeed measurement
  • Internal supply voltage measurement
  • PCB designed for Euro PCB housings or over three mounting points

3. Main components
Gyro: A3G4250D
Baro: LPS33HW
Differential Pressure Sensor: MPXV7002DP
Flash: W25N01GVSFIG 1Gbit
Micro SD card slot
1S LiPo Charger: MCP73831
Step Down converter: MCP16301
DC/DC Isolated: Traco TDN5-2410WISM
Isolated CAN-Bus driver

4. Which PCB Design Tool I use and why?
I used EAGLE because there is a free version with limited layers and size.
For 4 or more layer and more complex PCBs i use KiCad.

5. What’s my greatest fail with the project?
In drawed the package for the LPS33HW mirrored.

6. What’s my greatest win in the project?
It’s learning new things and trying to see if i can make it work.

7. What’s my most favorite feature AISLER?
The PCBs are manufractured in europe.
Fast and easy ordering process.
Gread PCB randering.


First data plots:

For the first attempts i mounted the PCB with Pitot-tube on my car.
After i figured out the parameters for the Pitot-tube with a few calibration runs, the first data recording tooks place.

The data reflects better than expected the driven path, height profile, airspeed.

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