Mounting and Alignment Holes - Stencil

I usually put my own alignment holes in on the PCB and Stencil layers. However, lately I’ve found that the stencil holes end up significantly smaller then they should be. Namely, the holes that should be 2.45 or 2.50mm end up 1.9 or 2.0mm. Thus, I can’t use my solder paste stencil jig.

What is going on with this?

We adjust the stencil openings automatically by a certain percentage. Thats why the stencil holes end up smaller.

Okay… So what do I do to fix this problem?


You can increase the size of your mounting holes before uploading. This is the formular how we shrink the stencil openings.

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so you do this by area?

this means i also should not shrink my stencil openings for paste volume myself… but use the full pad area?!
(maybe this info is already stated somewhere in the specifications…)

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Yes the solder paste shrinkage and solder mask opening needs to be set to 0 as we compensate the size automatically.