Multilayer_SMA2Microstrip Connector KiCAD Footprint for AISLER 6LayerHD

I have just finished my open source RF SMA connector KiCAD footprint for the AISLER 6 layer stackup.

The footprint is intended for the Rosenberger 32K242-40ML5 SMA Connector:

The new 6-Layer-FR4 stackup is suited for RF applications due to its well chosen substrate thicknesses and materials. A VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) measurement proves high performance up to 20GHz.

The SMA connector was simulated and optimized in a open-source EM (electromagnetic-wave) simulator (openEMS) which is an amazing piece of software. Check it out here!

I had the idea to abuse the castellated hole feature of AISLER to create a short piece of edge metallization for free :). This turned out very well. Thank you AISLER for the support in placing the castellated slots. This technique may be used in other applications as well.

The figure below shows the mounting slot with the edge metallization.

And here is the mounted SMA connector with solder joints

Further information is available at my GitHub page:


Unfortunately, AISLER has discontinued the 6Layer stack up after just two years. Therefore, this project is no longer useable and all the efforts and achievements are gone. It’s really a shame, the stack up worked really well for low-cost hobbyist analog RF projects up to 20GHz.

The stack up got attention in the openEMS (EM Solver) community already.