My "first entry"

Hi - I’ve submitted my very first project for a PCB assembly. I’m a bit reluctant to submit an order, given my little experience, so I was wondering… isn’t there any “first entry” discount, or coupon available? Thanks!

If you feel unsure about ordering you could share your design here with the community for feedback. That way you also dont use up a coupon on a design that could be improved. :wink:

How / where do you suggest to share it?

You can upload the files to Aisler and then create a link to share the project, we can take a look at it then. It would also be useful to share a Image of the schematic here too.

Sandbox / Sharp CE-140F Emulator by ffxx68 on AISLER

complete kicad project here:

Are the level converters on the other sheets the same MOSFET based ones as on the main sheet?


yes, they’re all the same

I also need help with the best part selection, as I think the quotation for the componets I’ve selected is a bit too much. Particularly, since no split pricing is given, I suspect the SD-card holder J2 and the transistors Q1-Q5 are thos impacting the most. J2 particularly. I would need some assistance there to select, also alternative but cheaper parts (I can adapt the design, if functionally equivalent). Thanks

If they are the same have you considered a integrated level shifter to save space, assembly setup fees and reduce the routing complexity?

Maybe something like the LSF0108 would fit your requirements?

Thanks for the suggestion @thore . But… that would require a major redesign, possibly even in software (maybe not, not sure now). I will evaluate it for my next design cycle, but I think I would stay with the discrete components for the time being.
I’d really love to stay with Aisler, as it’s based in Europe and for its MUCH easier project submission interface, but I’m afraid I would evaluate other manufacturers too, as the quotation I got from Aisler is way too much, for such a risky first step.