Netlist check : shortened pads ? How to correctly design a PCB jumper

In my design, I have a LiFePO4 battery charger. In case the user decides to not use a rechargeable battery, it is possible to cut a jumper on the PCB so the charger cannot charge the non-rechargeable battery.

This is the footprint of such a jumper

Screen Shot 07-24-23 at 02.15 PM

When this design goes through the netlist check, it gives an error :

Screen Shot 07-24-23 at 02.10 PM

The message tells to highlight the error (I assume on the PCB render), but nothing happens…
How can I change my design to solve this warning/error ?

This seems like an issue of the way we interpret the IPC netlist. I looked at the jumper in KiCad and the net-tie property is actually set. I will raise this issue to our software team.