No way to remove a not yet ordered revision of an ordered board

When you upload a new revision to an existing board, I see now way to scap this not yet ordered revision. “Start all over” refuses to delete the new revision. Please review!


Hi @uwe, can you elaborate a bit on when and where you use the Start Over button? Do you upload a new revision to an existing project that you already ordered?

Yes, I want to upload a new revision. So after upload of the file, I see some error and want to rework.So what is the way at that point to drop the uploaded new and bad revision? Clicking “start all over” refuses to do restart.

You can upload your improved design as a new revision and are ready to go. Currently, we do not support deleting a specific revision of a project.

The board view and eventually error reports there are one step in creating a revision. After first upload, the revision will often be not ready for production. Please rethink the present way and only mute revisions cleared for production.

Second this. A way to delete the most recent not-yet-produced revisions would be good. Alternatively, when selecting an older revision, “Produce now” should honor that selection (i.e. produce the currently shown revision, not the most recent one, maybe with a warning). Uploading older revisions over newer ones works, but doesn’t exactly lead to a “clean and tidy” project.