Open Smartwatch

1. Why I started with this project?
There is an abundance of cheap watches out there, and a handful of really useful ones that got discontinued. And because none of them are open source, we can not keep them alive as a community, nor can we know for sure what is happening to the data that is collected with all the sensors.

2. What I love about electronics?
Electronics are an awesome field to be creative, try out new things and learn a lot. And if it works, it’s like magic.

3. Which PCB Design Tool I use and why?
KiCAD, because if you want to enable everyone to participate in an Open Source project, to freely modify the files, it’s better to have no license fees involved.

4. What’s my greatest fail with the project?
I documented the project from early on, sparking a great interest. In light of that I released the PCB too early. In hindsight I should have tested it better and changed a few components.

5. What’s my greatest win in the project?
The community. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, that support this project by either committing to the OS code base or taking care of the community and documentation.

6. What’s my most favorite feature AISLER?
The simplicity of the process, especially if you are new to hardware development. Just upload the *.kicad_pcb file and preview your board in every detail. You don’t need to know what gerbers or drill files are, and don’t have to provided every parameter to make the correct order.

7. More about the project
The project site is here:

Media coverage on youtube:

The latest builds:

Some screenshots:


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