Ordering a rapid registration PCB without the stencil?

Is there an easy way to re-order just PCBs from a previous PCB + rapid registration order, as I obviously have the stencil already? If I just re-order from my data it wonโ€™t have the boarder and registration holes.

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Indeed, that is at the moment not possible. Unfortunately, this is not trivial as depending on the quantity and size we might panelize your design. An if this changes, we can not guarantee that the stencil still matches.

However, if you order the same amount, I can suggest the following: Place an order without the stencil and put it on hold. Let me know and I will adapt the order.

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+1 for this option to return.

I vaguely remembered that some years ago I ordered PCBs with a registration frame but without the stencil so I went through my invoices. And yes, in July 2021 this was still possible :slight_smile:

Indeed, there was a time when this was possible. However, due to the mentioned problems, we abandoned the option when streamlining our order process. In the case you need it, please follow the instructions above.