Ordering multiple boards with a single payment


As far as I know, there is currently no possibility to order multiple boards with a single credit card payment. At my work each order has to be handled separately by the accounting department, and they don’t like seeing more than one order to the same company around the same date, even more when the amount is small (< 80 €).


PS: I am also ordering as an individual, and in that regard it’s not a problem at all.

Your purchasing department can create a quotation for multiple boards. You find the option in your Team overview → quotations.

Thanks a lot for your fast answer. I tried this option, but it didn’t provide me way to pay the order with credit card. I am afraid it’s because the “Charge on account” option is activated (I don’t know why), and I am not sure how I cancel the order 2023-74271.

I have to agree with aurelien-jarno … I created a quote, accepted it, and it turned into an order, all great except that I wish I could’ve paid for it immediately via credit card instead of defaulting to “Charge on Account.” Now I don’t see any way to pay for the order, or have any idea when/how an invoice might come, email maybe?

After order shipment you will receive an invoice via email. At the moment it is unfortunately not possible to pay a quotation with something else than charge on account.

Seriously? I asked explicitly for credit card payment, and now it’s appears that’s not possible.
Also I contacted support to cancel the order within a few minutes after realising the order has been passed without payment (so that was 5 days ago), and I am still waiting for an answer.

And note that I have no way to pay such an invoice, I need to pay it through credit card.

I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Our support will help you to sort this out.

This button is not visible to me. But I just ordered and saw that the checkout has changed, so maybe this is something you’re working on? I’m due to order some small adapter boards and other tiny stuff, so would be good to combine the orders.

It is a business account feature. It will need to be enabled first.

Ok. Unless there are any hideous drawbacks to it, I’ll do that (I am a busniess, so). Thanks.