Panelizing with KitKit in KiCad 7

After panelizing with KitKit in KiCad 7 and pushing the layout i get the following processing notes: Inner / Outer milling paths missing and / or incomplete. How do I have to solve this problem caused by the panelizing tool? Other panelizing parameters? Ignore? Should I order individual boards and you do the panelization? Check Sandbox tmpw17kfb7g

The error occurs because your tabs/bridges have a 90 degree angle. With drill bits you cant achieve these sharp corners thus the warning, they would be manufactured with no issue apart from that. But Please note that we dont allow Panels with the same board design.


is there any way to get
a) multiple designs on one panel/stencil?
b) panelize one design?

If I check your homepage/forum it looks like manual mouse-bites are not allowed. On the other hand aisler is constantly posting/retweeting panelized projects…


We changed our policy regarding custom panels. You can order panels you created yourself but on your own risk In the past we saw many improper designed panels which broke during shipping/handeling thus we introduced the no panel rule but we see the need for it, thus we allow it again, just on your own risk.

I will write a blogpost in the future on how to properly design a panel.

yes, i would like to send you a board that is one design, with rails as done by kikit.
i have mousebites with a space to the rail.