PCB order quantity

i uploaded my pcb from within KiCad (everything worked very well). But i got stuck on the order quantity. I can only set the quantity to 3 counting up by 3 (3, 6, 9, 12 …) but i only need 1 pcb :cry:.
Can some one please explain this behavour?

The minimal amount of boards you can order is 3. This is due to the way we manufacture the boards.

Is there a workaround, i.e. panelizing multiple boards to a certain minimum panel size to allow minimum quantity of one?

Another option could be adding other designs to an order where larger quantity (for the sake of better utilization per customer) is acceptable.

I do realize that the minimum quantity is certainly there to better utilize the fabricated PCB. Though for prototyping more than one board is not sensible and causes unnecessary waste.

I’m happy if you could consider such functionality if there isn’t already an option.

Hi :wave: ,

We thought of offering PCBs starting with a quantity of one, but that would mean less efficient machine usage, resulting in higher prices per PCB.