PCBA in 8 days with Amazing Assembly Blitz

Need assembled boards urgently? Try our Blitz Assembly service.

More companies are trying to shorten the time to market, requiring multiple hardware revisions in a short time span, but due to labor shortage it is not always possible to assemble all prototypes and proof of concepts in-house.

We recognized this need and launched our Blitz Assembly, geared towards prototypes and simpler designs. In the span of eight business days we’ll manufacture the PCBs, source components and assemble the boards.

For 2 Layer designs that follow our design rules for simpler boards, Blitz Assembly can be comfortably ordered via our web interface. The setup process stays the same, just select the Blitz Assembly option during checkout.

Your product uses a 4 Layer PCB?

Contact our project managers for a quote and lead time estimates for 4 Layer Blitz Assembly.

Want to give it a try?

:arrow_right: With the coupon code blitz-assembly, you’ll save 20€ off your first order. :arrow_left:

If you require any further assistance, feel free to reach out.


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