Plated slots in the board viewer

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I’m designing a PCB, which will mount on a Kycon KPJX socket. As this socket is made for soldering wires to it, I need plated slots in the PCB.
My EDA tool is EAGLE 7.7.0. For test puposes, I did a little PCB with the footprint on it.
As you can see, the Aisler board viewer doesn’t recognize the plated slots correctly. This happens with a narrow line around the milling path or with a thick (1.8 mm) line for the milling.
I hope this is only a fault in the board viewer and you won’t try to mill this path, as it will break the tool for sure :wink:

As you can see on the right (E$1), some slots are recognised correctly.

Greetings, Nils

Dear Nils @ni-men ,

the correct detection of elongated holes with a diameter of 1.8 mm failed here because the ratio of length to diameter is less than 0.5 (here 0.8 mm / 1.8 mm = 0.44 ). The reason for this limitation is that very short elongated holes tend to skew during drilling. The 1.8 mm drill bit was therefore skipped and the system tried to approach the hole with smaller but longer drills. (Whether the result would be better is highly doubtful :wink: )

So far, we do not communicate this limitation; but we will include this information in the next update of the corresponding article. The exact limit may also change a little.

If you increase the length of the problematic holes a little (0.8 mm → > 0.9 mm), it should work!


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Dear Manuel @Manuel-from-AISLER ,

thanks for your reply. The explanation sounds logical and it is no problem to make the holes 0.1 mm longer. I had only taken the dimensions directly from the data sheet.

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