Progress Bar in PCB Order

Some of your competitors offer a more detailed insight at what status the order is: drilling, laminating, etching, …

The offer a progress bar for the manufacturing progress of the order. Right now, you also have a progress bar, but no details at which step the PCB is.

As you recently talked about the high automation factor, would this be something that is easily added?

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Hi @andreas-eet, I imagine this is a very nice-to-have feature. If we implement this, you would like to display actual real-time information about the status to you. Unfortunately, despite having a high level of automation, this requires a very deep integration with the shop-floor.

We select our partners carefully to ensure a high quality and that your order is dispatched on time. Our focus is more on improving/extending our current services in general. For the meanwhile, such a feature is therefore not on the roadmap, but might be in the future.

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