🎉 Proudly introducing Smart Review

Proudly introducing Smart Review

tldr; Today we are proudly launching a great update to our platform. Reviewing your project is an important step because once it hit production, it’s usually too late. With this release we are adding Smart Review, a set of features which allow you to review your project for production before it’s too late. The largest overhaul can be found in the Assembly view, where we have combined your BOM with a shiny new Assembly rendering so that you can easily inspect which parts will be placed and where. We are looking forward to seeing what you make with all that new stuff :wink:

Why now?
Time is key. This is what our customers are telling us every day. Beside production and delivery being on-time it is important to produce 100% following the specifications of your project. And that’s the pitfall here. If there is a difference between your project on our side and e.g. the CAD drawing on your side, it gets complicated.
That’s why we added Smart Review. From Stackup, to the Copper layers to part placement, just the best tools to review all this before production or even before the actual order is placed. This might look like a burden in the first place, but will save lot of time if any re-production is avoided.

But now to the details:

Smart Review for Assembly

One of the major challenges where a 3D Rendering can really shine is when it comes to properly visualizing Pick’n’Place data on a PCB. This is why we have built our Assembly viewer from the ground up and integrated it with your design’s BOM to easily select individual or a group of parts that you want to place. We believe that this will make placing components at your workbench a piece-of-cake. We support full reverse-backwards annotation which means you can either search for the parts designator in the search bar or you click on a part and it will immediately select the respective part in the BOM. The latter by the way helps immensely should you have forgotten what part was to be placed at a certain location on the board. This will even work when there is no information on the silkscreen.

You can find this feature by navigating to your projects Assembly tab. Try clicking on of the components on your board, or type in a designator to see the highlighting in action.

Smart Review for PCB

The new Layout View allows you to easily spot any issues on the copper layers. With clean colors, an option to selected and deselect any layer and PTH and NPTH visualization. Issues like inverted copper layers or missing fill zones should not be missed in this view.

With the introduction of our Beautiful Boards 6 Layers offering it got even more important to properly review the stackup. To improve this step we added a new Stackup View. This view will show all cores and prepregs and how the copper layers are aligned to them. We think this view will help you easily identify pitfalls and hence help to make production less prone to interpretation errors. Less ambiguity, less unpleasant surprises.

You can easily toggle the Stackup View in the PCB View of your project by simply clicking on the layer icon. Go try it out.

So what’s next?

Taking the step to go full 3D with our renderings allows us to build a lot more cool stuff in the future. There’s a lot of that stuff in the pipeline, plus we are of course happy to hear your improvements. For that we happy to take on your requests in our 🎁 Wishlist - AISLER Creative Community

Get started by navigating to one of your existing projects (there’ll be a very short conversion process running) or uploading a new project, and start playing around. Let us know what you think on the socials or by simply adding new new Wishlist features.

If you want to play around have a look at this public project: Projects / Isolated Serial Adapter by SL7205 on AISLER

We hope this makes your engineering life easier again,

And with that,