Push for KiCad Linux

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for creating this new topic but I wasn’t able to comment in other post of “push for AISLER” or “push for KiCad”.

I have a debian installation running on my computer and I run KiCad 6 over it. For some reason, I couldn’t install the push for AISLER plug from the KiCad plugin manager, so I downloaded it from the last version of Github. The thing is that when I use it, it gets stuck at the very beginning of “AISLER push in progress…”, and it’s been like that for more than an hour.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance!

Hi :wave: .

No worries about the new topic, thats what the help zone is for. We decided to limit comments and topics in some categories to keep them clutter free.

They were some recent changes which made the latest release of our Aisler Push plugin incompatible with KiCad 6. You can install the last version that supported Version 6 from Github or upgrade to KiCad 7.

You’re right, as you were replying this I realized it and downloaded a previous version of the push for KiCad, which seems to be working perfectly. I’ll keep this one, since I think there’s still not an stable version of KiCad 7 for debian.

Apologies for it, should’ve checked other versions before writing the post. :sweat_smile: