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This isn’t an issue (Aisler is awesome and so is your KiCAD plugin!) but I was thinking about how it might make sense to have something like a ‘send to Aisler’ button that people could embed on their GitHub projects that could easily wrap the source of the project (or maybe even the release artifacts) and push them directly to Aisler, in order to allow people to place order for the PCBs in that repo?

This idea was inspired by our own ‘deploy with balena’ button which you can use to deploy software with.
For example:

balena deploy button

It’s not always feasible to build and ship hardware at small volumes (especially in 2022!) but this way it would be one click for a user to order an open source PCB design, through Aisler.

Thanks for your great work, big fan of Aisler and how awesome/easy it is to prototype with!


HI @bucknalia

welcome to the community. Actually this may already work out of the box. However, we have not documented that feature anywhere. Here’s how it works:

https://aisler.net/p/new?url=<% URL TO SUPPORTED FILE %>&ref=github

Try it out, and we’ll build you a logo for it :wink:

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I tried it out, I got his one:


Maybe I tried to put in the wrong link.



The URL to a EAGLE brd file: mydpi/mydpi.brd at master · jrzwee/mydpi (github.com)

Should the URL of the github file or the raw file be pasted? :slight_smile:

@andreas-eet I noticed your link has a “<” at the beginning, please replace that with https:// and the link should work.

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Thank you so much! It works! :tada:

For the rest and clarification:

https://aisler.net/p/new?url=<% URL TO SUPPORTED FILE %>&ref=github

and for the <% URL TO SUPPORTED FILE %> you should put in the raw link to a supported file on GitHub.

Example for GitHub:

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Which means I’ll be setting that onto DONE :wink:

A tutorial and an image that can be used along with it will be added to the Knowledge Base in due time!

Thanks for requesting this feature. It’s super nice. And while you are at it; have a look whether the project also suites 🚀 Great Projects - AISLER Creative Community as that’s a way for every community member to discover the project.


I know this is low priority, but are there any drafts for a “Push to Aisler” image? :smiley:

Thank you so much @Felix-from-AISLER