Raspberry Pi 5V DC Input Screw Terminal


1. Why I started with this project?

I’m sick of getting low Voltage warnings and other random Brownouts on Raspberry Pi setups due to bad USB cables and USB Power supplies. Thus, I’ve created this Screw Terminal Input Board which allows hooking up a generic stable 5V Power Source. It also allows to daisy-chain multiple Raspberry Pi’s.

2. What I love about electronics?

I love to realize random hardware and software projects to understand current technology more and solve problems which have no ready available solution yet.

3. Which PCB Design Tool I use and why?

Many years ago I used Eagle EDA but promptly got to limitations. The Free version back then didn’t allow creating larger PCB’s than 100x100mm. This wasn’t enough for the Euro Format 160x100mm which I etched myself back then. Thus, I started to use Kicad and started to really love it. In the meantime, we got KiCad 6, and it just gets better with every update.

4. What’s my greatest fail with the project?

Controlling the RGB LED on the Board might be a challenge as the only left Pins are for I2C. But I guess I can use them as GPIO when disabling I2C.

5. What’s my greatest win in the project?

Hopefully being able to daisy-chain multiple Raspberry Pi’s with a stable Power Supply and not getting any Power Supply related issues.

6. What’s my most favorite feature AISLER?

Being able to order PCB, Stencil and Parts in one go.