Rename revision

it would be cool to set custom revision numbers/names. e.g. our versions are named like V2-1. So the connection between version on aisler and project would be easier

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Hi, do I understand that correctly that you assign every revision in a project at AISLER an additional internal revision number/name?

Hi Tim,
hmm, not exactly. We assign every revision in a project an internal revision number/name, uploading the project at AISLER creates an additional revision number for us. So we end up with 2 revisions numbers (internal and aisler) without link inbetween.

Also our internal ´revision have two numbers. One for major changes and one minor changes.
For example: the first PCB will get the revision “V1-1”
Then if we find and fix a bug revision is changed to “V1-2”
Then if we have big change, like change of concept, revision will be “V2-1”

and here is the problem to get a link between our V1-2, V1-2, V2-1 to simple revision numbers 1,2,3.

So it would be a cool feature imo to rename the aisler revision “1,2,3” to whatever i like, so i always know which revision on aisler corresponds to my local revision.

cherry on top would be if that “custom revision name/number” is engraved on the stencis aswell like my other feature reques :slight_smile:

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Okay I see. So in the end, an (internal) revision at your side could correspond to multiple revisions at our side. Nevertheless, I see the point. I’ll take that as an idea on our feature roadmap, we will then have to crack down on the ambiguity issue.

I would have been be surprised if there was no connection between the two requests :wink: