Show the distributor per part in the BOM tool for assembly

I love using the revised BOM utility for assigning parts for assembly. My main gripe with this tool is that it hides where the parts come from.

It’s very easy to have parts from multiple distributor in the design using the assignment tool and it’s quite hard to find that one part that needs to come from another distributor that will add another 200 euro to the price due to extra shipping costs between the distributor and aisler.

It seems like the tool must know the distributor after calculating the prices since it can show me which part has the most price impact. It would be great if I could easily see which part I need to reassign to an alternative so everything can come from a single distributor.

The smart things in the tool obviously seem to do most things right but it can’t know about alternative parts that would make it possible to get everything from a single distributor.

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Hi @martijn1, great to hear that you like the BOM update!

Indeed, we find the lowest sourcing costs for your BOM and take handling, shipping, and, assembly-related costs into account here as well. Our goal is to achieve a peace of mind, so you do not have to worry about different distributors and only pick the parts you need. Therefore, we also offer Smart Match for capacitors and resistors, allowing us to offer you the best availability/price for your requirement.

Can you explain why you want to worry about a specific distributor? You are right, depending on your choice we are forced to source from more expensive ones. However, to identify costs drivers, we provide the price impact indicator.