Documenting parts

At AISLER you can easily document your parts. This can go in two ways:

  • Smart Match for Resistors and Capacitors
  • Specifying by MPN

Not only will we be able to provide you with a great quote for providing parts, but also you will get all available datasheets directly along with it. That means the moment you have documented your part, you’ll have one place to look for all datasheets.

Using Smart Match

Smart Match is our simple tool to easily specify SMD capacitors and resistors, if you do not need a very specific component. On checkout, we choose a fitting component for you. Using Smart Match is similar to assigning a specific componenent. Navigate to the project’s Parts tab and click Assign after selecting one or multiple component in the list. Then enter your specification, e.g., 10µF 10V for a 10µF capacitor with a 10V voltage rating. We then ask you confirm the requirement we extracted from your stated specifications. Note that we default to a 0603 SMD package. If you require a different package just add it as an additional parameter, e.g. 10µF 10V 0805 for a capacitor with a 0805 SMD package.

Important: Smart Match is currently only available for components with designators starting with an R or C. The resistance or capacitance value has to be present in the E48 series. Furthermore, only components up to 50V working voltage and 1W power rating are supported.

Hint: We import the list of parts from your uploaded design file. If you want to save time, state the specifications using the design tool so we can pick them up. As soon as you hit assign on the project’s Parts tab, we run a quick search, and you can quickly confirm the Smart Match. Check our documentation for your PCB design tool on how to benefit from it.


Parameters for Resistors

Parameter Example
Resistance 10k
Tolerance 1%
Power 0.1W
Package 0402

In practice, you could hence specify:

  • 10k 0402
  • 10k 0402 1%
  • 10k 0402 1% 0.1W

Please note: The less parameters you specify, the easier it will be for us to provide you with a suitable resistor.

Parameters for Capacitors

Parameter Example
Capacitance 22uF
Dielectric X7R
Voltage rating 16V
Package 1206

In practice, you could hence specify:

  • 22uF 1206
  • 22uF 50V X5R 1206
  • 22uF 10% 50V XR 1206

Please note: If no dielectric is specified, our search will also look for other capacitor types that fit the voltage, capacitance, and footprint requirements. For example, tantalum capacitors.

Specifying by MPN

If you want to document parts apart from Capacitors or Resistors (ICs, Diodes, LEDs, etc) or you cannot find a suitable Smart Match then you can also specify the direct part.
assigning by mpn

Please note that the automatic assigning is currently only available for KiCad, Altium and ODB++ files. With other tools, you can import the values, but the parts have to be assigned manually.

The Part number needs to be placed in a special field to be recognized.

We support the following fields:

ODB++ : MPN, Part Number, PartNumber, Part_Number, Manufacturer_Part_Number_1, Bestellbezeichnung, Comment, VALUE
KiCad : mpn, MPN, 'Mpn, AISLER_MPN