Introducing Design in, Europe by AISLER and Würth Elektronik

tldr; Today we are announcing Design in, Europe an initiative where you can receive exclusive discounts on your PCB or assembly by using components from our trusted partner Würth Elektronik.

Building together

Local manufacturing is our core value, and we are proud to offer PCBs made in Germany at an affordable price. But PCBs are only one of many components in an electronic assembly. By working together with local component manufacturers, you can profit from a value chain of fast manufacturing, local expertise and support from prototype to production. And with the discount, you’ll do it even more cost-effectively.

Why Würth Elektronik?

From Resistor, Capacitor, and Inductors to Temperature Sensors and Cellular Modems, Würth offers a wide range of products, put together with their detailed documentation and hands—on support, you can design with confidence, regardless of what your target application is. And if any questions arise, their excellent support will leave no question unanswered.

How does it work?

  1. Incorporate Würth components in your design.
  2. Upload your project and assign the components
  3. Receive a discount equal to the cost of all Würth components for assembly, for PCBs the discount equals the component cost of up to of 6 boards.

You’ll need to set up your project to receive the discount. Create a design that utilizes components from Würth, upload your design in a format that we support for assembly, like KiCad and EAGLE board files or ODB++ archives. This lets us know which components are used.
You can refer to our PCB Design Tool Matrix to see if your format of choice is supported.

Inspect the PCB after upload to see if there are any processing notes or warnings, you’ll find a usage guide here: PCB Viewer

If everything looks alright, we can proceed to the next step, assigning parts in our BOM manager .

You can now head to the checkout page, where you’ll see the discount applied. The discounts equal the BOM cost, so the more components from you incorporate, the larger the discount! :partying_face:



Can you help me with my design?

We happily connect you with Würth staff which can assist you with your design/component choice.

Will my project data be shared?

No! We do not share project data with Würth Elektronik.

How long will the discount be available?

Currently, we are testing the demand, we cannot make a statement about the long-term availability.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


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AISLER Developer Relations