Rendering Guarantee for Beautiful Boards

We gurantee that we manufacture your design as rendered in our Board Viewer. It is key to inspect the rendering prior to ordering. In this guide we explain the Interface, how to interpret the information displayed and when you are eligible for a free remanufacturing of the boards/stencils.

Lets start an overview of the Interface:

The interface is split into two halfs, on the left you have the Processing Notes, on the right we have the main viewer.

Processing Notes:

The Processing Notes displays Informations and warnings. For example that custom bridges or castellated pads were recognized or warnings if the milling path is incomplete or missing.

Board Viewer:

The Board viewer lets you inspect different aspects of your PCB, the standard view renders the top and bottom side. The milling path is visually marked in purple, non plated trough holes in blue, plated trough holes in a dark gray colour.

Stencil Viewer

The Stencil Viewer lets you inspect the stencil rendering. If one Footprint is missing from the rendering make sure to include it in the paste/stencil layer in your EDA application.

Stackup Viewer

The Stackup viewer lets you inspect the different copper layers of your board, just like in your design tool. You can turn layer if to make inspecting the connections easier.

Design Inspection Checklist

Before ordering your design make sure to check these things:

  • There are no critical warnings like a missing drillfile.
  • The board outline is correctly rendered.
  • NPTH, PTHs and milling paths are correctly recognized.
  • All Layers are present and in the right order.

When also ordering stencils for your design make sure that all SMD footprints are included.

The Rendering Guarantee

In case the boards/stencils are not made as rendered you are are eligible for a free remanufacturing.

For example when:

  • A milling path is missing.
  • PTHs are not plated.
  • The Silkscreen is missing
  • Stencil opening are misshaped .

Request Rendering Guarantee Re-Manufacturing by using our support form. Please add photos of the defect if possible.