About this tutorial

Luckily we support Fritzing natively, so the steps are very very simple :wink:

Since it is that simple, you can also donate to the Fritzing maintainer when you order through us. This will help keep this project alive. Of course, you can opt to remove that donation, but that kind of would make you a bad person, right?

Step 1: Upload your Fritzing file

We support Fritzing files natively. Just Drag’n’Drop or Upload your Fritzing-file and you are good to go.


Step 2: Profit :wink:

Upload your project


How do I include parts in Fritzing, so I get the assembly quote? The compatibility matrix indicates, that it should work. I have tried changing the parts for the generic ones (instead of Sparkfun, for example), and it still doesn’t show in Sandbox > “my project” > Overview > Specifications > Assembly. All zeros there.

Thank you for the awesome workflow - all the way from the design to the PCB prototype quote and order and, hopefully, a PCB on my desk soon. I came here through the Fritzing “Fabricate” button. It’s all mind-blowingly seamless. This is the only hiccup I have, though.

Thank you!

I’m not sure whether I’m asking in the right place, so feel free to move my post where it belongs.