AISLER Push for DipTrace

About this tutorial:

DipTrace users can upload their design as a traditional Gerber file or file or order it directly from the DipTrace PCB Editor.

Note: No assembly is possible when uploading a traditional Gerber.

Order your beautiful printed circuit board from within DipTrace.

Navigate to File → Order PCB → select Aisler from the drop-down menu.

When you click the Place Order button, DipTrace will export your project’s

  • Gerber files in the correct format so that production runs smoothly.
  • IPC Netlist file to enable Smart Tests for production, giving you feedback down to the smallest trace on how to improve your design for production
  • BOM file to import all the components you have already allocated in your project
  • P’n’P file to prepare your project for assembly

Please note that revisions are currently not supported, a new project is created when uploading a updated design. We are working with DipTrace to resolve this.


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