💡 Simplicity always wins: Here's what we've done last quarter 😎

I hope you enjoyed the summer and took some time off to recharge your batteries. I’m a little late to the quarterly letter but oh well, let’s do it anyways. I have one treat at the end, and want to ask you one special favor.

But first things first, here are my personal Top 3 of what we’ve done in the past three months:

:abacus: SmartBOM Real Prices: Our SmartBOM now automagically and swiftly chooses the right distributor to hit best total price and availability. As we support all best-in-class distributors like Mouser, Digikey, Arrow, and Farnell, we have to take over 2 Million part offers into account. This was quite a tough nut to crack but some applied machine learning and quite interesting algorithms helped us make it!

:battery: Supercharged SmartTests: The best feature we hope you never need to use just got two major improvements. First we have significantly reduced the rate of false positives. You will hence receive less test defects and remaining defects if any are more significant now. Second, in the past a desired mismatch between your Netlist and the copper also led to false positives. We have solved this now and – even better – show those deviations right after you uploaded your project. To summarize, if there is any mismatch between the Netlist and your copper images, our Board Inspector will catch it and tell you before you place an order.

:wrench: Amazing Assembly is now scalable: Demand has soared due to our recent price cuts. This caught us off guard and we had to add new partner capacities! The great thing about being a platform is that we just had to add new partners to meet this demand. This makes our service now more scalable and reliable than ever before.

In total we implemented over 234 software improvements in the past three months Making Hardware Less Hard for you! Missing something? Head over to our Feature Requests Section to get your improvement suggestion built!

This upcoming quarter we will work hard on:

  • :outbox_tray: Adding AISLER Push support for more PCB Design Tools. Want to join the discussion, please briefly vote for your :arrow_right: favorite PCB Design tool here :arrow_left:
  • :gear: Focusing on improved choice at our Amazing Assembly service.
  • :articulated_lorry: Adding a new part distributor, a tiny clue: It starts with L

Time flies when you are having fun. If you want to get in touch, feel free to join the discussion here in the Community. A big round of applause for all of our Epic Employees, without you implementing features, advising customers, and just being awesome we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission! Thank you also if you have read this far!

Oh, and one more thing … we won’t increase prices like everyone else. Automation helps us keep costs low. Instead we will do everything in our powers to provide you with the tool to build the most amazing products of tomorrow! :rocket: