Social Media Influencer Sponsorship

Influencers help us to promote our electronics manufacturing services made in Europe, if you share the same vision as us, we’ll be happy to support you.

Which criteria do you have to fulfill?

  1. Be passionate about electronics :slight_smile:
  2. Post about your projects on social media.

Having a larger following helps, but we are also happy to support smaller creators.

How does it work?

  1. Create an AISLER Account.

  2. Contact our Developer Relations Engineer with a summary of what you are working on.

  3. After agreeing to our sponsoring Terms, we will provide you with Store Credit. Monetary compensations can be negotiated when you have a large followership. We will also provide coupon codes, so your followers can benefit too.

How does the Store Credit work?

The Store Credit works like a virtual “debit card” this allows you to order without contacting us upfront, this is easier for both sides.

What can you use the store credit on?

Store Credit can exclusively be used for PCBs and Stencils, we do not sponsor assembled PCBs, exceptions are negotiable, however.

What do you have to do in return?

  • You have to mention AISLER in your Social Media posts when you cover your projects.

  • For larger projects, we ask you to write a summary in our Great Projects category

  • If applicable, you need to list AISLER as a sponsor on your Website with a Backlink.