Specifying package, and component ratings in their own Fields for Amazing Assembly

When assigning components for Amazing Assembly the component value is used as basic information and I can specify other component ratings in the search bar, I would like to do this step in the EDA however. Kicad offers the possibility to add custom fields, what about implementing a feature that can read out these custom fields and look the component ratings so it doesnt have to be entered manually on the webpage?

I attached a example how this could look, in addition to the value field there is the “Assembly” field that specifies the voltage rating, package and dielectric of this capacitor.


Hi @thore, sorry for the late reply. We are always looking for possibilities to facilitate the component assignment process, so thank you for your input! Could you elaborate a bit why the values of the Assembly field should/could not be placed inside the value field?

While it is possible to place all parameters in the value field, it makes the schematic very cluttered.
I usually just note the resistance, inductance or capacitance in the value field as its the most important information.
Many engineers even think the package information doesn’t belong on a schematic at all.

I understand and totally agree that especially the package information make no sense at all in the schematic. We already have some improvements from our side planned here (even without any changes from your side :wink: ). They will probably land within the next weeks. I’ll keep you up to date here!


We now have an automatic footprint detection ready that should simplify Smart Match assignments a lot so that you can simply us it without any needs of special fields. Feedback is appreciated!

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