Suggestion for easy EDA/ jlpcb

I am an easy EDA user.
I usually use easy EDA for 2d design and PCB routing and parts placing.
Also, from within easy EDA is easy to use jlpcb parts that I know will be available for assembling.
After that I export BOM, Gerber and pick and place file go to jlpcb website and i get the PCB printed and assembled for me.

Now am wondering how this would work for aisler.
I think I have to use a different cad such as kicad. But how can I check that the components will be available and will be assembled onto the board?

Hope the question makes sense

There is currently no way to export your Design from EasyEDA in a way that supports assembly.
We do support other tools like Kicad, Eagle and Altium. For a overview you can check our compatibility matrix .

We dont have a limited part catalog, this means you can choose comonents from our supported Distributors like Mouser, Digikey, Arrow, and Farnell. When designing your PCB you can take a look on their Websites or Octopart to check for stock. After you upload your design you can assign the components in the “Parts” Tab, there you will get a offer for your BOM that is valid for 24h.