Suggestion for easy EDA/ jlpcb

I am an easy EDA user.
I usually use easy EDA for 2d design and PCB routing and parts placing.
Also, from within easy EDA is easy to use jlpcb parts that I know will be available for assembling.
After that I export BOM, Gerber and pick and place file go to jlpcb website and i get the PCB printed and assembled for me.

Now am wondering how this would work for aisler.
I think I have to use a different cad such as kicad. But how can I check that the components will be available and will be assembled onto the board?

Hope the question makes sense

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There is currently no way to export your Design from EasyEDA in a way that supports assembly.
We do support other tools like Kicad, Eagle and Altium. For a overview you can check our compatibility matrix .

We dont have a limited part catalog, this means you can choose comonents from our supported Distributors like Mouser, Digikey, Arrow, and Farnell. When designing your PCB you can take a look on their Websites or Octopart to check for stock. After you upload your design you can assign the components in the “Parts” Tab, there you will get a offer for your BOM that is valid for 24h.