Teams, an easy way to collaborate on your project

Organizing a project the traditional way can be quite daunting, countless E-mails are send across departments, quotation have to manually created etc. Thats why we created a set of tools that enables purchasing teams and developers to work as a team all contained in our easy to use interface.

You also get all necessary business account features you need to have the best experience with your AISLER account. For that you will have to enroll as a business customer. If you are a university institute, we consider you a business account as well.

Enroll a business account

Create a new account

Need a business account for your great projects? Use our SmartTeams service to work with your whole Team together. First you have to sign up on our homepage:

Business or private?

After filling in all necessary information, you can select what kind of account you want to create:

If you chose to create a business account you have the option to give your Team a name e.g. your company name or institute name. Please enter your VAT number and a phone number to contact you if necessary.

If your VAT number is not on hand, don’t worry you will have the option to enter it after registration in your account settings.

Projects and Team members

After registration there will be your account overview where you can upload all your projects and arrange them the way you like. It is also possible to invite new Team members to include developers, engineers or purchase department and accounting:

Enter shipping and billing address

In your account settings you can add addresses to your account that you need. Sometimes there are companies that work from several locations and would like to be supplied to different addresses. No worries about that, it is possible to add multiple addresses that can be selected by placing an order. Wherever your co-workers need the PCBs, they can select the right address and we will send them the PCBs without any issues. You can add different addresses here:


To make it as easy as possible for you and your accounting department you can setup a default billing address for your Team in your settings that is automatically selected on checkout. The invoice will be addressed to your accounting department with all important information included e.g. your VAT number, PO number and billing address. It is also possible to add a separate invoice email address to send the invoices directly to your accounting department. This makes it much easier for the Team to get their prototype as fast as possible.

Of course as a business customer there will be the payment method β€œpurchase on account" activated on a net-10 (10 business days after delivery) basis. Purchase on account gives you the option to buy your great projects without any payment permissions from your company.

Now you are ready to go working with your Team and upload your first project. :rocket:

Inviting other team members

As a Member you can invite your colleagues by sending an invitation to their email address. It is possible to work on the same project, upload revisions and share projects that you are working on. In addition, you can share your order details like invoices, etc. Your accounting department will love you for this. It’s that easy :blush: