Text Knockout in Kicad 7

Hello Aisler-Team,
knockout for references does not work as seen in the picture on Kicad 7.0.1-3b83917a11~172~ubuntu22.04.1

Greetings Andrej

The Inverted Silkscreen dissapears when exporting a Gerber from the Kicad project. This is a Issue with Kicad not our viewer.

I imported the .kicad_pcb file, not the Gerber file.

Update: If I use the “push to aisler” plugin it works perfect.

Does this now mean that it is a kicad problem? Is this problem known to the kicad-team?

After upload we are always generate a Gerber from the EDA files for creating the panels. What you see in the viewer is 1:1 the Gerber file which will be put on the panel for production.
I just checked my Kicad Version and its the release build from Kicad 7 so maybe it was an Issue which was fixed in the meantime.

I will look into it.

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This is Indeed a Issue which was fixed with the newest update.
When using the Push to AISLER plugin the Gerber is created locally so it works. When uploading the PCB file it runs trough our software pipeline which is not updated yet.

I will have to consolidate with the Software Engineer if a upgrade of the pipeline is possible at this moment.

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Thanks for your help!

Our software pipeline is now updated.

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