Just came to my mind after ordering a PCB multiple times: It would be nice to have an overview how an Amazing Assembly was ordered before, which parts and parameter were used.

Maybe this could be a button on “Orders”.

I would like to know which parts were selected on a past order. :slight_smile:

Traceability has a lot aspects, especially when it comes to parts. It becomes complicated when changes after order placement were necessary. If I understand you correctly you would like to know which MPN or parameters were used? Do you have a specific need for this?

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Changes after the order placement can be done but don’t matter for the placed order. I would like to have a Bom of the parts used in one specific order.

The use case is to check if the correct parts were selected when I already have my PCBs. For now, I cannot check if I selected the wrong parts or the assembly house messed up. (If I do changes after an order)

Especially for complex designs with many parts this would be great.

Don’t understand me wrong: I really like the user interface and how easy parts are changed → Exactly here an ‘oops’ could happen. For now, I do not have to check the selected parts after an order is placed.

We were indeed already thinking about versioning the BOM as a whole to better keep track of changes. I keep your input in mind when we have the next discussions about improving the status quo.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: