UL mark

Hi guys,

do you apply a UL mark to the PCBs you produce? That would be essential to me.
I’ve added a field in bottom mask or silkscreen where it’s stated “insert UL mark”.
Would you fill this and how could I point or ask ou to insert this into the PCB?

I will have to ask about the UL mark. But you would need to insert it yourself as we do not review the files manually, we use a software pipeline to process the design files automatically.

Works for me. In that case I would need a picture or similar which I could insert into KiCAD, any layer. Preferbaly Silkscreen or Mask layer.

We can provide you a UL mark for larger orders but not for boards from our prototyping series.

OK. What would “larger orders” mean? Currently I can only see the option of beautiful boards and amazing assembly.

I would just like to indicate that the PCBs are UL compliant. This is normally the case for FR4 material. I think you are not using sth. else?
Is there anyother option to show that? Maybe a unique UL number is not necessary but just to show it’s compliant.