Upload BOM separately


I would like to suggest an improvement on the assembly service interface. At the moment we (the user) can only upload the board file and then is up to the Smart BOM to list the components and the user only assigns the unidentified parts.
My problem is almost none of the components in my boards get assigned automatically, either generic ones like resistors and capacitors or some that have specific MPN.
Maybe, if you give the user the possibility to upload the BOM file separately (a .csv file, for example) and you provide a guideline on what columns (the exact name other that MPN) will your smart BOM tool look into, the user could help the tool do a better job and save the pain of assigning so much components manually.

Other related suggestion is that for components that the Smart BOM states as ‘Out of Stock’, you give the user more options (not just ‘re-assign’), for example the user indicates a distributor where it is available and you buy it at extra cost or the user can buy it and send it to you

Thank you

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Which design tool do you use and which values didn’t it work? If automatic assigning is supported, e.g., for KiCad, it should work out of the box. Our experience showed that dedicated BOM files are more work for you and quickly get out-of-sync with the actual design file.

If you are aware of sourcing alternative or need to supply on your own, please contact our project management via the support form, they are happy to help you out! We currently have an all-or-nothing integration for suppliers. If we can access their stock level, we support them for sourcing as well.

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