USB line scan camera boards

EURECA has developed a family of USB line scan camera boards. These cameras consist of a sensor pcb, which is manufactured by Aisler and a FPGA pcb by a third party.

Aisler was choosen as a reliable EMS partner for this product, since a good cooperation was already established in the past via other projects. In addition also the prototypes of the line scan camera boards were developed using the Aisler Beautiful Boards PCB service. For this the KiCad pcb files were uploaded and checked with the Aisler online pcb viewer.

Also the BOM tool of Aisler for managing the needed the components and the service to find and supply parts, which were temporary not available through the standard distribution channels, was always very helpful.

At present two camera versions, based on the linear sensor TCD1304DG from Toshiba, are available. The e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-STD provides a digitization depth of 12 bit with a frame rate of 133 fps. For more demanding applications the e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-PRO offers a digitization depth of 16 bit, a frame rate of up to 250 fps and an external trigger.

More camera versions also with other linear sensors types will follow shortly.

Possible Applications

Due to their small size, these camera boards are ideal for building compact optoelectronic measuring devices. The high line rate and a wide range of possible exposure times enable the use in a variety of applications. The low price makes these modules also interesting for research, teaching and the maker scene.

Possible applications are among other:

  • Spectroscopy / Spectrometry
  • Edge detection
  • Position control
  • Measuring objects

Spectrometer applications

Due to the rectangular pixel the line scan cameras are especially suitable for spectroscopy applications. Eureca provides e.g. free blueprints for a Czerny-Turner spectrometer, which uses these line scan cameras as detector. The spectrometer is built using an aluminum profile base and holders for the optical components from a 3D printer. The needed FreeCad files to print the holders can be downloaded from our web server for free.

With such a spectrometer high resolution emissions or absortion spectra can be obtained with a spectral resolution of <1nm. As example we show below the spectrum of the sun. The well known Fraunhofer absorption lines are cleary visible as dark stripes.

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