USB port switch-off adapter

Sometimes a USB device just doesn’t want to be a device any more (e.g. it’s an interface to something and it picked up too much EMI) and needs power cycling.
Unfortunately there’s no good way to power off a single USB interface; most hubs don’t export a way to do that.

This little board to the rescue.

I used THT USB plugs for increased mechanical stability.

You also need a free GPIO pin (or two) to control this. If you don’t have a free GPIO, well, I also designed a larger board with a built-in hub and a USB-GPIO interface chip (with I²C and TTL-Serial as a bonus), but I didn’t build that yet, let alone test it.

Send me a PM if you want the KiCAD design file(s).

NB, sorry that I don’t have a nice picture of the assembled board. Next time.

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Thank you for sharing? What particular ICs did you use? :slight_smile:

I’m using an AP2151 to switch USB power and an FSUSB42 multiplexer (with the “other” pins grounded – I should replace that with resistors that signal power-only to the device, as per the specs) for data.

The files are now here:

You want the “usb-int-pi” version.

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