It would be really helpful if you added the option of v-scoring for boards. I have a long, narrow board that is used in two different diameter tubes, and our manufactured boards have v-scoring along the entire length on both sides so the board can be narrowed down for the smaller diameter tube. When I order a prototype from you, I do not have that option, forcing me to either order two different width boards, or else be unable to assure the fit of components in one of the tubes. Mouse bites do not work for this purpose at all, due to the potential off-cuts being very narrow.

We support V-Scoring when ordering Assembled PCBs from us. But not for boards, which are ordered through our prototype pool. When pooling, it is impractical to offer V-scoring as many designs share a panel. All of these designs would need to align perfectly, which basically never happens due to the variety of sizes and shapes.

If you require V-scores in your design, contact our project managers for inquiry.