We reduced our PCB leadtime by up to a day, enabling rapid prototyping

tldr; We have reduced our lead time by up to a day by restructuring our internal logistics. This even allows for 24h manufacturing when some requirements are met.

In the past, our manufacturing plant and logistics center were not tightly integrated with each other, which led to an extra day of delay between manufacturing and shipment, something we needed to improve upon.

We used the Christmas break to integrate the logistics for PCBs into the manufacturing plant with no impact on customer orders. Now, PCBs can be shipped up to one day quicker than before, saving our customers precious time. This benefits all customers from around the globe.

Our goal is to make designing Hardware easier, and being able to quickly iterate on your prototypes is an important aspect of it. Due to the logistics improvements, it is now possible to get your 2 Layer Blitz design manufactured in a day. For this, you’ll need to order your design before 6AM CET. Paired with DHL Warenpost for shipping, our German customers on a time crunch will be able to receive 2 board revisions in 7 days.

Making hardware less hard is what we strive for, and that means working every day to make your life easier and get your designs faster to market. With our improved, logistics, we have taken a further next step and are excited to see what you do with it! Upload your project today to see this in action!

And with that,