We will be the first to ship carbon-neutral PCBs world-wide in 2022

tldr; We want to contribute to meet everyone’s climate goals and hence have found our leverage to be de-carbonizing the prototype development. At the end of 2022 we will be the first company world-wide to ship you carbon neutral pcbs.

I’m super excited to announce that starting next year, AISLER will use its service to reduce the impact on the environment. By design we have a much lower carbon-footprint because we only manufacture locally. To make this affordable, we employ automation which allows us to achieve best in class production yields and lower costs. This alone however does not save us; everyone in our society needs to identify how we can jointly contribute to a carbon-neutral future.

As AISLER we have identified that our primary contribution is in leveraging our large prototyping customer base and eliminate the carbon footprint of PCB development. For that to happen we will have to do two things:

  1. we have to actually calculate the footprint of our products
  2. we have to identify ways to either reduce or efficiently offset (the former is a lot more important, than the latter) the carbon footprint of that product

For Task 1) we have teamed up with the German Fraunhofer IZM and will run a joint project to calculate the carbon footprint of our Beautful Boards. After that is complete (and we’ll update you on every step), we will start reducing that footprint until it eventually hits 0.

We serve you engineers as a convenient one-stop-shop for ciruit boards, stencils and assembly to develop the products of tomorrow. The best way we can contribute is to help you with decarbonating your development process. With nearly 50,000 engineers like you, we as a company have the best leverage and can contribute the most by focussing on that. In our opinion, the engineer should always be in the driver seat of their supply-chain and make their environmental contribution as easy as a snap.

We will get there together, let’s take care of our planet! What about you?